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For real, most of them look rather like that.

[Ted Mosby’s voice] Kids, let me tell you when this story began. [/Ted Mosby’s voice]

I started doing a diet in September. When I met my hosting family on Skype in late November, I told them that I wanted to continue to lose some weight as it was obvious that I needed to. At this moment I couldn’t imagine how ideal this family was for that.
Because they are – especially the mother – very health-focused. She exercises a lot (yoga, running, bouncing, fitness…) and her husband runs every Sunday as well. One of her top priorities is to provide good and healthy food to her family. This means a weekly delivery of organic vegs from a local farm but also home-made food (yoghurt, bread, soup). She enjoys cooking at weekends, most of the time basic – but delicious – meals. This could answer a few of your questions about the English food but I’ll tell you more about that in another post. Just keep in mind that even before starting this juicy detox in January I had lost 2 kilos here in December.

During my Christmas holidays in France we exchanged a few emails – some of them saying that we were eating too much. Then she proposed this juice detox, which I immediately accepted. I didn’t want to miss any opportunity to eat more healthily after Christmas.
But I didn’t know that this idea came from a book with an entire juicy programme.

This book is only available in English for now – it hasn’t been translated into French yet and I don’t know when and if it will be.

Jason Vale

Jason Vale is a well-known health figure in the UK.
At the beginning of the book, he relates that he used to be a cigarette, drink and junk food addict. That he was also overweight and had some health problems (psoriasis, asthma…). To sum up everything he says in this book: juice has changed his life.

Now he’s a lifestyle coach who promotes the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetable juice. He built his own company focused on organizing seminars, motivational retreats and he has started to open some juice bars through the UK but also in Ireland, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and there is even one in Antwerp, Belgium.

ABOUT THE BOOK: The juice master diet – 7lbs (3,2kg) in 7days

The Juice Master Diet - 7 lbs in 7 days

Like most diet/health books the cover offers a very attractive promise : how to lose 7lbs in 7days. At first sight, it’s just another marketing thing. How to make a difference between all the diet books and this one? Hard to tell as I don’t even have an answer. My hosting family chose for me and that was easier! I was in no doubt that this was another marketing thing but I was keen to try it. The thing is that they had bought a juicer many years ago and they hadn’t used it much. So it was also the opportunity to use it.

As I told you I’m in the middle of a diet. But this juice week can’t be considered as a diet.
So what’s the difference between diet and detox?

Detox is a “treatment designed to rid the body of poisonous substances, especially alcohol and drugs”.
Diet is “of or relating to a food regimen designed to promote weight loss in a person”.
Let’s consider this juice week as a food detox.

This means that you can’t be doing this for months. Even Jason Vale doesn’t recommend it. He wrote in his book that he has tried to do it for 3 months and that it wasn’t good for his own health. Your body will suffer from too many deficiencies. He recommends 7 days of detox every 3 months and 1 juice day every week.

After a few pages starting reading this book, Jason Vale set down a few rules:
1- Read the book entirely
2- Follow the programme to the letter
3- Read at least 4 pages of the book each day to keep everything in mind
4- Let your mind free
5- Follow the rules

I’m not sure I have followed these rules to the letter except for rule 1. He normally recommends to read the book before starting the detox. But I only started reading the book 2 days after I began the detox. I wasn’t really well prepared to do this but extremely motivated to lose weight and change the way I eat. Especially after Christmas.

One other thing you need to know is that you need a special equipment for this detox. I mean not only a casual blender but a proper juicer. The end product of a juicer is the most cleanest juice you can have – without any pulp neither fibres. Then you can drink it like you certainly do with manufactured juices (apple, orange juices…). That also means that you can only use fruits and vegetables that have high water content.
Some of the recipes included bananas or avocados. For those ones, we also needed a blender because otherwise it’s too difficult to turn them into juice.

This was the technical equipment. But for three people, you also need plenty of vegs and fruits to survive an entire week of juice. Quantities on those two photos are only for 3 days (but for 3 people!).


When you buy the book, it also includes a 7-day wall planner with all the recipes. That makes everything easier because you don’t have to think about it, you just need to follow it. Most of the juices look green because of the vegs (celery, cucumber, spinach leaves…) but don’t be scared. Thanks to the apples and pineapples they – almost – all taste good (I’m not a big fan of celery). If you don’t like one of them, feel free to change it. Jason Vale says it doesn’t matter.

Juice master 7-day wall planner

DAY 1: I felt a bit weak this day because some of our ingredients were not big enough. English apples are very small this winter because of bad weather. I think that we hadn’t enough juice compared to what was normally recommended. We therefore decided to adjust the quantity so that we felt good. Despite that, I enjoyed this first juice day. The taste of most of the recipes was good and I was still determined to continue the programme.

DAY 2 – DAY 3: As quantities were re-adjusted, I felt better and I didn’t feel hungry at all. I couldn’t be hungry because the plan stipulates that I should have a drink every 3 hours.  I also started to read the book on DAY 2 and I finished it on DAY 3. So I was more motivated than ever before.

DAY 4 – DAY 5: That became a bit harder. I even felt very energetic. Sometimes I just wanted to eat something solid. The most difficult part of the detox is that you’re not hungry at all. But you just want to eat something solid. Everything becomes a mental fight. A couple of times I ate a few pieces of avocado or cucumber when I was preparing the juice.

DAY 6: That day we prepared a soup. We were not allowed to eat it even though I was craving for it. It smelt so good. And I was getting tired of drinking juice all the time.

DAY 7: Same as DAY 6 but worse. Too much juice. I would have preferred nothing at all rather than that. I couldn’t wait for something else to eat. Anything else!

Jason Vale recommends to keep on drinking and eating liquid food like juice or soup. That’s what we did because all we were dreaming about was soup. Then we started to add pasta or rice and to eat normally again. He also recommends – for those who want to lose more weight – to continue with another step of his programme (Turbo charge) which consists in eating healthy salads and soups. But as they didn’t have to lose more weight, we stopped there. Maybe I’ll try it later because it seemed good.

1) I lost 4 kilos and they lost about 1 kilo each. If I haven’t told you that before: they didn’t really need to lose weight. They just wanted to do this detox. As I really needed to lose weight, it worked really good on me.
2) I was also very proud to do it. It was very helpful that the 3 of us did it. I’m not sure if I would have been – mentally – strong enough to do it on my own.
3) I think it has also changed my taste. It’s hard to tell in which way it changed. I think I’m a bit more attracted by soup – and salty food – than I was before. I feel like I’m no longer as attracted by sweet things as before. As if Nutella disgusted me a bit – which is not so bad! But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like sweetness anymore. Far from it!

So. Ready to start? :)
Any questions?

Juice the world!




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