13 Apr

Nice time this afternoon in Sandringham at the Queen’s Favourite Winter Retreat

Winter is supposed to be finally over and spring is on its way… coming slowly, but still coming. I hope so. 16°C outside today, that’s very good news! The bad one is that we didn’t have any more oil this week to heat the house and the washing machine is not working… that means no heating (again.. it also happened in January) and no boiled water. GREAT!
I had my showers at my neighbours’ or my gym clubs (fitness & badminton) this week! after having waited 2 days for one and doing it very quickly with frozen water on Monday and Tuesday.
16°C is nice, but inside…. I was literally freezing!

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8 Mar

It’s been a long time since I have written here. I’m sure you don’t mind but to compensate, I’ve just decided to make this blog a bit more girly before starting to tell you about our daytrip in Nottingham.
What do you think about it? I’ll be happy to have some feedback! What you think is important to me. I’m also curious to know what you want me to write about, if you’re interested in a special topic  (English people, England, the United Kingdom, kids or anything else…). It will also keep me motivated to write around here :)

Nottingham 4

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18 Feb

Jesus Lane

(a funny street in Cambridge as a starter!)

I’m pretty sure that you have – one time at least – heard about Cambridge. But isn’t it hard to remember what it was about and what it meant? It was for me.

Let me give you one clue: Cambridge is one of the most famous and oldest university cities throughout the UK. Got it now? That’s why you heard about Cambridge. Not only famous but also still one of the best universities in the world. And the story of the University of Cambridge began in the 12th century.

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14 Feb

Valentines day

The doorbell rings. Cam runs to the door. He’s on holiday all week.

“Are you Miss Camille G…? ” The delivery man tries to say my name but without success.
– Yes it’s me.”

I sign the receipt, take the flowers and the packet, say goodbye to the delivery man and close the door. Why the hell did S. order some flowers for M. but with my name on the address? That’s totally weird and unusual.

A few minutes later, I ask Julien about that :
“- Have you bought something on the Internet?
– No, why ?
– Have you ordered something that I’m supposed to receive today?
– Hmm… yes.”

That was the story of my Valentine’s day surprise <3
Valentine's day


10 Feb

In January, I made some ​​progress on all fronts:

First and most important news, my English is getting better (understanding and speaking) even if I was hoping faster improvements. Those who know me well know that I’m not patient AT ALL. And it’s so hard for me to wait. Sometimes I feel like I’m NO GOOD at English. But when I hear from my hosting father that my accent is changing in a good way, I feel better :)
I also need to be more confident. But I’ve been already enrolled in an English course and it begins in March. I hope it will help me :)

The other good news is that my social life is growing. Which means more chances for me to speak English!

So, what happened in my English life this month?

Peterborough - Slough Ice hockey match

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2 Feb


For real, most of them look rather like that.

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25 Jan

I won’t give you so much details about London because all guidebooks are probably better than everything I could say. Also because I just spent one day there and I only saw the most famous monuments or places that every one knows (Hyde park, Big ben, Trafalgar square…).

I just love this city and I’m sure that you can never get bored here. I know that I also missed a lots of things! (I haven’t seen the Westminster castle yet). But fortunately, I’ve already planned two other trips to London (3 days in February, 4 days in March).
Most of you have already visited London and some of you are planning to… Let me hope I can make the other ones want to come :)

But I’m not sure that this part of the story will convince you to come. Because that day, I walked ALL DAY LONG and I think it was almost 10 miles. Let me check on Google maps… 8 miles (almost 13km)! I tried to find the route to show you, and I think this one is not so far from the real itinerary we took. Even if I’m wrong I’m sure that I walked at least 7 miles (10km) .

London itinerary

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21 Jan

Previously in my English life:
To sum up what happened in December I would say that those three weeks were not enough to improve my English but were a good starter.
I learnt to know my hosting family better and how to be more comfortable with them, to “tame” two young children – until we found kind of a good routine together. It was actually easier than I thought.

In December I also started to do some sightseeing in Peterborough and London. I’ll tell you more about London in my next post. Let me tell you and show you how Peterborough looks like. Continue reading


14 Jan

Winter is coming!

Winter in England

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25 Dec

I wish you a Merry Christmas to you all!

Christmas table

The day ends and I hope you have celebrated it properly. I also hope you’ve been spoiled and you have offered some nice gifts to your loved ones. As for me, I have been back in French Riviera for a few days while I hadn’t been back since July. It feels good to celebrate Christmas with my family because it had not happened in a long time.

I had lots of money, the only thing I need this year to prepare some trips in England :)

I have also eaten too much! To compensate for this problem my hosting family has already planned (they have also eaten too much) to do a 7 day juice detox in January – nothing but juice for 7 days! yay!